What NASCAR is all about!

This is what NASCAR is all about….wrecks! You are about to watch millions of dollars in damage to both cars and wasted sponsorships. About 1 minute into the video they show the best camera angle, a birds-eye view. Then you get to see some front and rear in-car camera angles. This happened yesterday at Phoenix Subway Fresh Fit 500 Sprint Cup Series race (p.s. the 500 is for 500 kilometers)


Congrats to Jeff Gordon for a long awaited win…


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Top 10 Vehicle Net Promoter Score (Feb 2011 Study)

In essence, ‘Net Promoters’ are people that love a brand so much that they will proselytize (advocate or promote) the brand to their friends.

A survey done in February 2011 of over 8000 consumers asked to rate, on a scale from 0 (Not at all likely) to 10 (Extremely likely), the probability they would recommend the make/model of the vehicle they currently drive to a friend.

On that 0 to 10 scale, those who rated 10 & 9 indicate PROMOTERS, 8 & 7 ratings indicate PASSIVES, and 0 to 6 are considered DETRACTORS….NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of DETRACTORS from the percentage of PROMOTERS…Passives have no impact on the NPS rating.

The following car brands were the most promoted by their users:

  1. Suburu     56.3%
  2. Lexus       54.7%
  3. Honda     50.4%
  4. Acura       46.4%
  5. Infiniti     43.8%
  6. Toyota      41.9%
  7. Mercedes 41.2%
  8. Hyundai  38.9%
  9. Audi          31.7%
  10. Nissan     30.9%

On average,  car brands NPS score was 20.1%.

So next time you go to purchase a car, ask some friends how they feel about their car and the brand, or the treatment they get from the service department. You may be swayed to check in-to a brand you would have never considered…and be pleasantly surprised!


source: Consumer Intentions and Actions

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That’s what we call OIL MONEY

The oil boys need their endless money purchased toys…wherever they go….even if it’s only for a few months in London.

According to reports, $80,000,000 worth of cars were FLOWN to London from the UAE…were talking  Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s, Rolls Royce’s, Pagani (which is a carbon fiber based chassis, limited edition (1 of 5))….

These guys drive by their own rules, even if its getting their multi-million dollar exotics clamped outside Harrods in Knightsbridge (as seen in pic)…

Kudos boys…live it up!

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When promotional tie-in fails…Offered to car owners in Japan for around $33….

Yes, its synthetic oil to keep your engine purring… (I know, I used that joke twice…)

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As a driver, eventually you need to come to a stop at a tool booth…OR DO YOU?

There has to be a better way to get out of a paying the parking fee at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport…

The woman driving the car, upon the cars landing, walked away from the car unscathed…
Word is she was ‘under the influence’ of alcohol.

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HOORAY! 279 Units Sold in 4 months!

Not many car brands would be happy with the fact that they sold 279 cars in 4 months…But, it seems that Rolls Royce (owned by parent company BMW) is kicking its heels with joy! That 279 units is 60% more than the same time 1 year prior.  Granted, 158 of that 279 is from the introduction of an ‘affordable” Rolls Royce model dubbed the “Ghost”. Note: Rolls Royce considers affordable starting at $245,000.

This car has not even hit the US market yet. So, sales are bound to increase.

Economists say that luxury brands can stay insulated from recessions (at least they are the last in and the first out of one)…and Rolls Royce has proved this theory correct!

To give you an idea of how few cars 279 really is…According to AutoData (a source for new US vehicle registration data)

BRAND               YTD*         %**

Ferrari                 419           4.5%

Maserati              580          63%

Porsche               6,970      2.8%

BMW                   76,251     7.8%

Nissan                 291,998  31.6%

*YTD Year To Date Unit Sales (through April 2010)

**% increase from same time 2009

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Ferrari Watch- For when the ladies can’t see your Ferarri

This wild watch is 1) $300,000 and 2) For Ferrari owners ONLY….Only 60 watches will be made by the uber-luxury watch maker Ruchonnet. The watch was given a proper Italian name at birth:  Scuderia Ferrari One. It will be made from actual Ferrari parts such as the carbon fiber center as well as the band (which will likely be the same leather used on the steering wheel).  The internal movement is controlled by tiny chains (similar to that of a bicycle). Should be perfect for the guy who needs to tell the world he has a lot of money to waste…er, I mean, spend.

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