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That question may soon be answered by the light itself. If designer Damjan Stankovic has his way, the red light would tick down like a progress bar informing the driver of how long they have to wait till the light … Continue reading

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Chrysler plans to rebuild…rebrand

New logo is their start… An ambitious 5 year plan to bring profit back to the company by 2011 and even pay back the billions of dollars in bail out money by 2014 was recently released. According to a recent … Continue reading

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A slight modification of this Suburu Rally Car and you are winter ready. The coolest mod is in the tires. They were removed and in their place snow cat shoes were added. This is designed to bring snowboarders to the … Continue reading

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Car Company Winners for October 2009: HYUNDAI AND NISSAN

People are looking for value in todays economy, making that auto dollar stretch as far as possible. It’s showing in car sales. According to JD Power & Associates Hyundai, which offers a sub $10,000 model (The Accent), took 6.4% of … Continue reading

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Amazing Road Building Machines

Have you even come across an amazing piece of machinery on a highway or road that is used to help build roads? This machine above is appropriately named a “Zipper Machine” (because it looks like its bringing a clothing zipper … Continue reading

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Original and VERY COOL

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Maybe This Guy Should Have Gotten a Golf Membership

The owner of this Ferrari took a lot of time to cover the front ┬ábumperof his baby with protective blue tape. Hoping to prevent any scratches that small pebbles or on-track debris may cause…. Too bad it was just not … Continue reading

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