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Park in front of the Elephant!

A German company, Style-Your-Garage, has an innovative way to spice up your boring garage door! They offer fun images, or ‘skins’,  for you to cover your garage door with. Some of the themes include a Formula 1 car, boat or … Continue reading

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Kudos To KB Homes!

KB homes, based in California and one of the nations largest home builders, has just begun to offer it’s new home buyers the option to install electric charging stations. In the next few years plug-in cars will start to roll … Continue reading

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Hey Out of My Way! I’m Delivering Green!

Freightliner, a huge player in the trucking industry, has jumped out ahead of the pack with it’s 100% battery powered delivery truck.  This truck is designed to be delivery friendly with a true ‘walk-in van’ style. This zero tailpipe emission … Continue reading

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Nissan Got a Cool, Green Billion…from you and me

Back in January, Nissan took a $1,400,000,000 loan from the Department of Energy to make improvements to its Tennessee plant for increasing production of its future electric vehicle: The LEAF. That loan is expected to bring 1,300 jobs to Tennessee. … Continue reading

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Why are car companies not doing this?

When I was a young lad, my friends mom got the coolest new SUV: an Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorer. It was  a true extension of her personality. She was the epitome of the brand Eddie Bauer. I mean it … Continue reading

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Hyundai has seen alot of love on lately…but, this is a problem they brought upon themselves… A Hyundai ad unveiled during the Superbowl last month (and appeared again last night during the Oscars) has a flash (I’m talking 1.5 … Continue reading

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FIled under….Huh?

General Motors is reinstating 661 dealers that were cut from last years bankruptcy reorganization… 1,100 dealers in total challenged GM’s termination process. So over 60% are coming back. My question is: WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHERE TO GET A CAR WHEN … Continue reading

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