HOORAY! 279 Units Sold in 4 months!

Not many car brands would be happy with the fact that they sold 279 cars in 4 months…But, it seems that Rolls Royce (owned by parent company BMW) is kicking its heels with joy! That 279 units is 60% more than the same time 1 year prior.  Granted, 158 of that 279 is from the introduction of an ‘affordable” Rolls Royce model dubbed the “Ghost”. Note: Rolls Royce considers affordable starting at $245,000.

This car has not even hit the US market yet. So, sales are bound to increase.

Economists say that luxury brands can stay insulated from recessions (at least they are the last in and the first out of one)…and Rolls Royce has proved this theory correct!

To give you an idea of how few cars 279 really is…According to AutoData (a source for new US vehicle registration data)

BRAND               YTD*         %**

Ferrari                 419           4.5%

Maserati              580          63%

Porsche               6,970      2.8%

BMW                   76,251     7.8%

Nissan                 291,998  31.6%

*YTD Year To Date Unit Sales (through April 2010)

**% increase from same time 2009

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