Top 10 Vehicle Net Promoter Score (Feb 2011 Study)

In essence, ‘Net Promoters’ are people that love a brand so much that they will proselytize (advocate or promote) the brand to their friends.

A survey done in February 2011 of over 8000 consumers asked to rate, on a scale from 0 (Not at all likely) to 10 (Extremely likely), the probability they would recommend the make/model of the vehicle they currently drive to a friend.

On that 0 to 10 scale, those who rated 10 & 9 indicate PROMOTERS, 8 & 7 ratings indicate PASSIVES, and 0 to 6 are considered DETRACTORS….NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of DETRACTORS from the percentage of PROMOTERS…Passives have no impact on the NPS rating.

The following car brands were the most promoted by their users:

  1. Suburu     56.3%
  2. Lexus       54.7%
  3. Honda     50.4%
  4. Acura       46.4%
  5. Infiniti     43.8%
  6. Toyota      41.9%
  7. Mercedes 41.2%
  8. Hyundai  38.9%
  9. Audi          31.7%
  10. Nissan     30.9%

On average,  car brands NPS score was 20.1%.

So next time you go to purchase a car, ask some friends how they feel about their car and the brand, or the treatment they get from the service department. You may be swayed to check in-to a brand you would have never considered…and be pleasantly surprised!


source: Consumer Intentions and Actions

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