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What NASCAR is all about!

This is what NASCAR is all about….wrecks! You are about to watch millions of dollars in damage to both cars and wasted sponsorships. About 1 minute into the video they show the best camera angle, a birds-eye view. Then you … Continue reading

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Top 10 Vehicle Net Promoter Score (Feb 2011 Study)

In essence, ‘Net Promoters’ are people that love a brand so much that they will proselytize (advocate or promote) the brand to their friends. A survey done in February 2011 of over 8000 consumers asked to rate, on a scale from 0 … Continue reading

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That’s what we call OIL MONEY

The oil boys need their endless money purchased toys…wherever they go….even if it’s only for a few months in London. According to reports, $80,000,000 worth of cars were FLOWN to London from the UAE…were talking  Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s, Rolls Royce’s, Pagani … Continue reading

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When promotional tie-in fails…Offered to car owners in Japan for around $33…. Yes, its synthetic oil to keep your engine purring… (I know, I used that joke twice…)

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As a driver, eventually you need to come to a stop at a tool booth…OR DO YOU? There has to be a better way to get out of a paying the parking fee at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport… The … Continue reading

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HOORAY! 279 Units Sold in 4 months!

Not many car brands would be happy with the fact that they sold 279 cars in 4 months…But, it seems that Rolls Royce (owned by parent company BMW) is kicking its heels with joy! That 279 units is 60% more … Continue reading

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Ferrari Watch- For when the ladies can’t see your Ferarri

This wild watch is 1) $300,000 and 2) For Ferrari owners ONLY….Only 60 watches will be made by the uber-luxury watch maker Ruchonnet. The watch was given a proper Italian name at birth:  Scuderia Ferrari One. It will be made … Continue reading

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