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HOORAY! 279 Units Sold in 4 months!

Not many car brands would be happy with the fact that they sold 279 cars in 4 months…But, it seems that Rolls Royce (owned by parent company BMW) is kicking its heels with joy! That 279 units is 60% more … Continue reading

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Ferrari Watch- For when the ladies can’t see your Ferarri

This wild watch is 1) $300,000 and 2) For Ferrari owners ONLY….Only 60 watches will be made by the uber-luxury watch maker Ruchonnet. The watch was given a proper Italian name at birth:  Scuderia Ferrari One. It will be made … Continue reading

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Maserati Announces 2 Models…affordable for ‘common folk’

‘Affordable’ was not their words. But, Maserati knows it needs to compete with BMW and Mercedes mid-range premium models to increase awareness (and profits).  A 5 year plan, announced today, will introduce 2 Maserati models with a price point starting … Continue reading

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Hyundai Stepping Up Its Sedan Game…Again

Hyundai is calling their new line: “Fluidic Sculpture Design”.  The 2011 Sonata is still a Hyundai. Its going to take many next generation models to instill this brand as something more than a low cost, high MPG brand. Not that … Continue reading

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560,989 Cars Sold in Feb 2010

Kudos car industry! Sales, compared to last Feb 2009, are actually up 16.7% (80,368 units).  As you would suspect, Toyota is taking a hit…Their big money makers Camry and Corolla sales are down, way down…Camry sales are down almost 22%. … Continue reading

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Chrysler plans to rebuild…rebrand

New logo is their start… An ambitious 5 year plan to bring profit back to the company by 2011 and even pay back the billions of dollars in bail out money by 2014 was recently released. According to a recent … Continue reading

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Car Company Winners for October 2009: HYUNDAI AND NISSAN

People are looking for value in todays economy, making that auto dollar stretch as far as possible. It’s showing in car sales. According to JD Power & Associates Hyundai, which offers a sub $10,000 model (The Accent), took 6.4% of … Continue reading

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