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When promotional tie-in fails…Offered to car owners in Japan for around $33…. Yes, its synthetic oil to keep your engine purring… (I know, I used that joke twice…) Advertisements

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Why are car companies not doing this?

When I was a young lad, my friends mom got the coolest new SUV: an Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorer. It was  a true extension of her personality. She was the epitome of the brand Eddie Bauer. I mean it … Continue reading

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Hyundai Stepping Up Its Sedan Game…Again

Hyundai is calling their new line: “Fluidic Sculpture Design”.  The 2011 Sonata is still a Hyundai. Its going to take many next generation models to instill this brand as something more than a low cost, high MPG brand. Not that … Continue reading

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Crocodile tears for Porsche

vs When is comes to crossing the preverbal ‘line in the sand’, Porsche does not mess around…and it seems that the shoe maker Crocs have just crossed it! Crocs, the plastic shoe manufacturer, named its latest line “Cayman”. This just … Continue reading

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Segway you sit on…coming to a city near you….

If things go as planned, people will some day commute to work on this electric unicycle. Its similar to the Segway with its ability to make hundreds of calculations a second to keep the user upright. Also similar to the … Continue reading

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Where we’re going, we don’t need homes…

In a tribute to innovation on wheels, this idea is both innovative and money saving. I present to you the CAMPER BIKE! Here is a peek on the inside, looks bigger than some apartments in Manhattan! VIA

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Ferrari brings Fighter Jets to the road

Elegance, Beauty…458 Italia to be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show next month is designed around one thing- a driver who intends to go VERY FAST. All controls that a driver needs is at his finger tips and mounted on … Continue reading

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