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What NASCAR is all about!

This is what NASCAR is all about….wrecks! You are about to watch millions of dollars in damage to both cars and wasted sponsorships. About 1 minute into the video they show the best camera angle, a birds-eye view. Then you … Continue reading

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Maserati Announces 2 Models…affordable for ‘common folk’

‘Affordable’ was not their words. But, Maserati knows it needs to compete with BMW and Mercedes mid-range premium models to increase awareness (and profits).¬† A 5 year plan, announced today, will introduce 2 Maserati models with a price point starting … Continue reading

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Honey, I Shrunk The Aston Martin…

Aston Martin released a brand new class of automobile: the Luxury Commuter. This gas sipper, named the Cygnet, was officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. It is built on the chassis of the Toyota iQ (the iQ retails for … Continue reading

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Maybe This Guy Should Have Gotten a Golf Membership

The owner of this Ferrari took a lot of time to cover the front ¬†bumperof his baby with protective blue tape. Hoping to prevent any scratches that small pebbles or on-track debris may cause…. Too bad it was just not … Continue reading

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The 2009 Interbrand Best Global Brands report was recently released (available here). Of the top 100 brands in the report 12 are in the category AUTOMOTIVE. Respectively, the top auto brands are: 1) Toyota (Ranked 8th overall) 2009 Brand Value … Continue reading

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WARNING! $1.5mm BUGATTI gets destroyed

THE VIDEO SAYS IT ALL… WARNING TO CAR LOVERS! THIS VIDEO IS PAINFUL TO WATCH… Supposedly the driver was looking for his dropped cell phone…

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