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As a driver, eventually you need to come to a stop at a tool booth…OR DO YOU? There has to be a better way to get out of a paying the parking fee at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport… The … Continue reading

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And the hits (to you and me) keep on coming…

Really? More car recalls? add Nissan to the list…Nissan called home 540,000 cars this week…Guess what the problem is? If you said faulty brakes you are a winner! Actually, we are all losers in this recall game.  Car companies continue … Continue reading

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Oh, wait…you mean my new CUPCAKE CAR? Thanks…It is a cupcake… Its a custom designed cupcake car that I picked up from this years Neiman Marcus holiday catalog(via here) for a mere $25,000. Its GREEN TOO! It runs on a … Continue reading

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