Mercedes Benz HITS THE SKY!

Mercedes Benz unveiled it’s Mercedes Benz branded helicopter at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2010. Its name, EC145, fits with the current branded Mercedes autos (i.e. CLK, SL, E series).

The interior is built on a system that can seat up to 8, yet is modular, so the interior can be customized to the task at hand (i.e. extra golf clubs for the executives on board).

Release to be set at the end of 2011…no word on pricing…start saving now…

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great chart showing gas consumption by state…(VIA

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Maserati Announces 2 Models…affordable for ‘common folk’

‘Affordable’ was not their words. But, Maserati knows it needs to compete with BMW and Mercedes mid-range premium models to increase awareness (and profits).  A 5 year plan, announced today, will introduce 2 Maserati models with a price point starting at $80,000 (which is about $30,000 less than their current base model).  Maserati CEO Sergio Marchionne made reference in capitalizing on the brands current DNA.

No specifics on new models were announced. No word if the engines will still be made by Ferrari. If the CEO digs deep enough he will realize Ferrari engines are the heart beat that keeps Maserati’s special.

This is a good move for Maserati, being able to reach a larger audience, while keeping the brand unique and special.

Also announced, the Quatroporte is planned to be phased out during the next four years…which will be missed. That model is an eye catcher…just not enough muscle under the hood (any AMG will school the Quatroporte).

How often do you see a Maserati on the road? If Maserati does it right, it will be a lot more often.

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Park in front of the Elephant!

A German company, Style-Your-Garage, has an innovative way to spice up your boring garage door! They offer fun images, or ‘skins’,  for you to cover your garage door with. Some of the themes include a Formula 1 car, boat or elephant sitting in your gararge, to far out themes like an escalator to heaven or hell. This is a very fun way to spice up a normally boring exterior…Good luck getting permission from your better half though!

The price of a single car garage start at only 35 euro (which is around $75 dollars). The double car garage start at around $600.


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Kudos To KB Homes!

KB homes, based in California and one of the nations largest home builders, has just begun to offer it’s new home buyers the option to install electric charging stations. In the next few years plug-in cars will start to roll off the lines for consumer use. But, many of the cars will require 240v (like the plug your oven or water heater needs).

Most homes are not ready to pump out that great amount of power with out major re-wiring to existing homes (read: you not only have to buy the electric car, you have to ALSO get the power to the car). The KB Home option will make being green so much easier. Kudos to KB Homes.

Via: BusinessWeek

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Hey Out of My Way! I’m Delivering Green!

Freightliner, a huge player in the trucking industry, has jumped out ahead of the pack with it’s 100% battery powered delivery truck.  This truck is designed to be delivery friendly with a true ‘walk-in van’ style. This zero tailpipe emission vehicle will virtually eliminate all harmful emissions. This van incorporates Tesla’s lithium ion battery technology. Although the range is only 100 miles (which doesn’t seem like much for a van that needs to be on the road to make money) the company is boasting that it could save up to $15,000 per vehicle compared to a traditional gas powered like van. Granted, the route would have to be within a  metropolitan area.

The battery pack can charge from fully depleted to fully charged in 6 to 8 hours.  It features a regenerative braking system which incorporates the power used to brake to actually ready the van to accelerate from a stop.

Production is set to begin in Q1 2011 and will be tested in the US.

This is advanced technology getting put to good use. I like it!

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Nissan Got a Cool, Green Billion…from you and me

Back in January, Nissan took a $1,400,000,000 loan from the Department of Energy to make improvements to its Tennessee plant for increasing production of its future electric vehicle: The LEAF.

That loan is expected to bring 1,300 jobs to Tennessee. When the plant is fully up and running, Nissan plans to pump out 150,000 electric cars a year. The largest barrier to entry for creating an electric car is the battery production. This plant plans to build 200,000 batteries a year. No word if all of those batteries will be required for the LEAF or they will be sold to other car manufacturers (such as Nissan’s big brother, Infinity)

Stats on the LEAF-

-No word on pricing

-Range is about 100 miles per charge

-Charge time (with 220V) is about 4-8 hours. 26 minutes with quick-charge stations

-Availability around 2012

Also, no word on loan payback terms…

Why do I imagine this at the factory in Tenn? (don’t worry, it’s not you…its me…)

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